**WARNING: Explicit language at the end**

Move over, Trey Songz! CeeLo Green is the newest Mr. Steal Your Girl. His alter ego Gnarly Davidson -- you know, the golden dude who showed up at the 2017 Grammys -- just confessed his love for Beyoncé in his new video for "Jay Z's Girl." 

The new track is a sample of Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl." In the video, Little Fun portrays a child version of CeeLo and he's seen fantasizing about Bey in his room, which just so happens to have countless posters of Queen Bey on its walls. "Sorry Jay, but I love her too/ What am I supposed to do?/ I love her!" the singer starts off. 

"Jay Z is the king / And I'm probably his biggest fan / But there's a feeling inside that I'm sure he'd understand / That I'm in love with B, and I want to be her man," CeeLo sings. The pint-sized CeeLo is even dancing around, while she's professing his love for Beyoncé. 

Springfield is digging the fun remake, too. 

Watch CeeLo Green -- we mean, Gnarly Davidson -- shoot his shot to the queen above.