Y'all Kanye is Out Of the Sunken Place He admits

I have your tickets to see Nick Cannon tomorrow night in Memphis in the 9am hour. Listen in to win. Maybe Kanye will show up. Nick responds to Kanye below. Check it out below.

Kanye says out of his own mouth, that he is back from the "sunken place." He has only been on Instagram since September 11th and he has over 3 million followers. His page is really strange and he says to Nick Cannon and Drake to keep his wife's name out of their mouths. Check it out below and check out Nick Cannon's response. I'm sure Kanye knows that Kim and Drake dated and word is they were in love back in the day.

I'm glad that Kanye is out of the sunken place but I hope that he is taking his medicine if he is suppose to. He says in the videos below that he was taking medicine but didn't say if he still is.

They are all in my prayers.

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