23,388 MLGW customers are without power. Outages: 1-800-268-8648.

MLGW crews are being assisted by more than 100 utility companies to help restore power.

Electricity Hazards

Stay away from powerlines.

Make sure electrical systems or appliances damaged by the storm are inspected by a qualified, licensed professional.

Reported downed power lines to MLGW at (901) 528-4465.

Emergency Shelter and Other Needs for Storm Victims

36 people are staying at the American Red Cross shelter in Memphis at the Orange Mound Community Center near Midtown, 2572 Park Avenue.

Caseworkers will assist storm victims there and at the American Red Cross office at 1399 Madison Avenue.

For shelter transportation and other needs (901) 324-8799.

Food for Storm Damage Victims

The Red Cross continues to serve meals from the shelter at the Orange Mound Community Center. 

Besides meals at the shelter, the Red Cross will again be serving meals from their mobile kitchen in Frayser and other storm-damaged neighbors.

Disaster Assessments

Memphis and Shelby County Code Enforcement officers, assisted by the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA), continue damage assessments of homes and businesses.

Disaster Assistance

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) has received documents from the Shelby County Office of Preparedness seeking Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) disaster funds to assist with the storm recovery effort.

The funds are to reimburse Memphis City Government, Shelby County Government and other Shelby County municipalities for resources they have used in the storm response and recovery effort. 

Damage Estimates

Initial storm damage response/recovery estimates top $19 M just for Memphis Light, Gas and Water and the City of Memphis.

Damage estimates from other government agencies and departments will continue to be tabulated through the storm recovery process.

Just whether there will be FEMA Individual Assistance funds is not yet known.

Damage assessments are still being done on homes and businesses.

Those results will be forwarded to TEMA once they’re completed.

Public Libraries Have Extended Hours

City of Memphis libraries are open extended hours and can be used as cooling centers while the power is out. 

Go to:

Blocked Roads-Debris Removal

Memphis Public Works crews and contractors continued to clear road debris. 501 of 584 road debris cases in Memphis have been cleared. Crews have a goal to have all roads open this weekend.  It will take many days for storm debris to be hauled away.

Some traffic signals are still out.  Treat all intersections as Four-Way Stops.

Food Safety

The Shelby County Health Department continues to urge residents and businesses to toss any perishable food in the refrigerator if you experienced a power outage lasting more than 4 hours.

Although you may look at the food and think it is safe to eat, meat items and dairy products should be thrown in the garbage.

After 4 hours following the loss of power, meat items and dairy products can grow bacteria.


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