Megan Thee Stallion Opens Up About Her 2015 Arrest After Mugshot Surfaces

Megan Thee Stallion is opening up about the night she ended up in jail after she got into a fight with her ex-boyfriend while at Austin's SXSW (South by Southwest) Festival.

On Tuesday (February 11), the "B.I.T.C.H." rapper went on Instagram Live to explain what caused her 2015 arrest after her mugshot surfaced online.

“I saw my ugly a** mugshot,” Megan said while laughing on IG Live. “So, I was maybe 19 or 20. I was in college and I had a real beautiful, toxic relationship. It was fun, but it was bad. I was at SXSW and my boyfriend at the time — I had just found out that this ni**a had a baby at the da*n concert.”

“Like, what a way for a b*tch to find out your ni**a cheated on you and had a baby… I was so mad, and you gotta know, my temper is bad,” she continued.“And the baby had been born — like the baby was here. The baby was da*n-near one."

The 24-year-old rapper went on to explain that her ex revealed the shocking news by simply showing her his phone after she asked him who he was texting. From there, the situation escalated. While Meghan said she tried to walk away because she was so angry, she claims her "boyfriend at the time was not trying to see [her] go” and began “pulling and pushing” her.

The "Hot Girl Summer" rapper added, “It was toxic. It was fun at the time, but it was very toxic. But I was young and I thought that toxic sh*t was cute, but it’s not… I was really trying to keep the peace, keep it player, because we were in a public environment."

However, her ex, who is six-foot-nine, allegedly didn't share her concern. Megan said he snatched her phone, smashed it on the ground, and then repeatedly stomped on it. As the situation got tenser, Megan said a witness called the police and authorities arrived just as she began to fight back.

“When I was ready to give it to him, the motherf**king police pull up when I’m punching… now the police are here and I look like the aggressor,” Megan explained. “[He] had it coming, it just so happened when I was ready to give it to him the motherf**king police pull up when I’m punching.”

“Now I look like the aggressor," she said. “The police are like ‘Ma’am are you okay?’ and I’m like ‘No, he just had a baby, he cheated on me!”

The police then asked her “Did he hit you?” That's when Megan said she had to decide if she was going to tell the truth or be a "real b*tch"?

“I looked rough, my weave was to the side, my shirt jacked up, my pants dirty because he’s been pushing — so, me being the real b*tch that I am I say, ‘No officer, he didn’t hit me,’ because I don’t want him to go to jail!" she admitted. Her ex-boyfriend, on the other hand, didn't show her the same courtesy.

“The laws asked that ni**a if I hit him and he said, ‘Yeah! She hit me in the eye.’ B*tch, you got to know they sent me straight to jail! Them ho*s cuffed me, I ain’t never been cuffed in my life.”

Photos: Getty Images/Austin Police Department