Photographer Hopes To Find Couple Who Got Engaged At Tennessee State Park

Photo: Getty Images

If you recently got engaged in a Tennessee state park, or if you know someone who did, a photographer who captured the moment is looking for you.

Photographer Abigail Brown recently took a trip to Rock Island State Park where she noticed a couple of hikers in the distance having a very special moment, appearing to get engaged in front of a waterfall at Rock Falls, FOX 17 reports. She couldn't resist snapping some photos of the apparent proposal, hoping they could eventually find their way to the couple.

Brown shared the sweet photos with Tennessee State Parks in hopes of finding the happy couple. On Monday (November 15), the Tennessee State Parks official Facebook page posted the photos, which so far have been shared nearly 200 times. Check out the photos below.

"If you were at Rock Island before sunset yesterday, here is a gift for you," Brown said. "I hope I didn't impose and that you get to see these. Wishing you both all the happiness in the world, congratulations."

The Tennessee State Parks agreed, hoping for "many more hikes together," while several commenters congratulated the happy couple with, "It looks like she said yes" and "The couple that hikes together stays together."

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