Twitter Reacts After 'King Richard' Gets Labeled As 'Sexist'

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Twitter has a lot to say about a lot of things, and the film about Venus and Serena Williams early beginnings, King Richard, is no different.

The social media platform was ablaze with hot takes about the film that chronicles the unrelenting efforts of Richard Williams (played by Will Smith) to get his daughters into the mostly white realm of competitive tennis.

Critics argue that the film centers Venus and Serena's incredible feats around "a man" instead of them, describing it as "sexist" –– even though the women are the ones behind the film.

Both Venus and Serena served as executive producers of the movie, but think pieces are going in about the sexism of the movie's plot.

"Did they seriously make a film called 'King Richard' about the success of Serena and Venus Williams –– but it's about their dad, Richard?" one Twitter user, Dr. Jessica Taylor wrote.

The "they" Taylor is referring to is, in fact Serena and Venus.

Twitter –– specifically Black Twitter –– sounded off on critics labeling the film sexist, some pointing out that the tennis stars wanted the story to be told this way.

Others drew comparison to The Blind Side –– a movie that centers a white family who took in a Black football player –– Michael Oher –– who went on to play in the NFL.

For many who've seen the film, they've given high ratings for the cast's performance and the true story. To see for yourself, King Richard is out in theaters now and can be streamed on HBO Max.

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