Drake Interrupts Jack Harlow Interview While Drunk

Photo: Getty Images

Drake hilariously interrupted a Jack Harlow interview at the 2022 Kentucky Derby on Saturday (May 7.)

The "One Dance" rapper slowly crept in to "eavesdrop," to which Harlow told the NBC Sports interviewer in a concerned voice, "There's a guy next to you." Soon after, Drake joined the interview. “I just had to show up. I’m so proud of this guy,” he said about Harlow. “And we’re drunk.” He later clarified, “He’s sober. I’m drunk." The duo then talked about the horse race before Drake noticed that production was trying to wrap the interview up. “You can’t give it the wrap-it-up signal,” he said. “What are you gonna cut to? A shot of like, poorly manicured grass, or something?”

Harlow joked that a horse named Happy Jack was "really giving a good description of how I feel right now," adding that “[If there] was a Happy Aubrey, we’d run that too.” The duo was reportedly in Harlow's hometown of Louisville to film a music video for their new collab “Churchill Downs.” The track is one of many collaborations on the "First Class" rapper's recent album release, Come Home the Kids Miss You.

Watch a clip from the interview and of the crowd's reaction to the rappers below.

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