Brandy Responds To Jack Harlow: 'I Will Murk This Dude In Rap At 43'

Brandy and Jack Harlow

Photo: Getty Images

Jack Harlow may not have known that Brandy was Ray J's sister before, but now he'll never forget the Norwood siblings again. After seeing the discourse that erupted online after Harlow's recent revelation, the singer issued a formal response to the Kentucky rapper.

Jack Harlow first discovered that Brandy and Ray J are related after he was played a clip of her song "Angel In Disguise" during a radio interview last week. A few days after he was slammed for not knowing about R&B singer's family history, Brandy entered the chat and told her fans how she felt about the comical situation.

“I will murk this dude in rap at 43 on his own beats and then sing is ass to sleep,” Brandy retorted in a reply to a fan page's tweet.

The Queens actress made sure Jack Harlow was tagged in that response as well. She followed up with another statement that lets her fans know she probably won't hold on to any grudges against Harlow for long. Brandy acknowledged that she was late to the party so she wanted to get her jokes in real quick. The singer even jokingly claimed that she didn't know he rapped.

"See, I can have a little fun too♥️ hehe…all love♥️♥️♥️," she tweeted. "I know I’m mad late… but it was a joke♥️ I didn’t know he rapped so I was just Poking 😂 but I see now this was a big thing a few days ago ♥️"

Jack Harlow hasn't responded to Brandy or commented on the situation since the interview aired. He's been too busy focusing on the release of his new album Come Home The Kids Miss You and his upcoming tour with the City Girls. He also teamed up with Drake to film the music video for "Churchill Downs" at the Kentucky Derby a few weeks back so he's probably preparing to release it sometime soon.

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