The Best Beach In Tennessee

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Summer's nearly here and with the sun shining bright longer each day and the warm weather heating up, the beach may be calling your name.

Reader's Digest looked at beaches across the U.S. to determine which are the best around, compiling a list of the top spot in each state that will be the perfect setting for your summer getaway (Yes — even landlocked states have some incredible beaches too!). According to the site:

"While you may not actually be able to surf at every single one of these beaches, it's pretty incredible that every state in the United States has something to offer in terms of sand, surf, and sun."

So which spot in Tennessee was named the best beach in the state?

Grundy Lakes (Tracy City)

When you think of Tennessee, you probably don't think about the beach, but they're hidden around the state alongside some must-visit lakes like Grundy Lakes outside of Chattanooga in South Cumberland State Park.

Here's what RD had to say:

"When it comes to finding the best beach for families in Tennessee, it's best to trust a mom — or in this case, a Nashville Moms blog. They say that this 'man-made beach near Chattanooga is perfect for lounging in the sun or for spreading out a water-side picnic,' adding that there's also 'a swim-up dock [for] the sunbathers, and jumping children.' If beach time isn't enough to satisfy after making the 90-minute drive from Music City, hike to one of the waterfalls along the state park trails, including the most gorgeous waterfall in the state."

Check out the full list at Reader's Digest to see more of the best beaches around the country.

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