The real reason I walk these days. Transparency!

Have you ever exercised and the next morning you feel pretty bad? Well, that’s what’s been happening to your girl. But it’s not just exercise. I was out for the entire classic weekend, most of the activities. And wearing heels for four straight days got to me. Monday morning I woke up with joint pain in my knees, back and legs after wearing heels for 4 straight days. 

My biggest problem, is that I ate everything that I could eat over that weekend. I ate food that I should not have. Lots of sweets, lots of bread, and lots of everything except for meat.  So not only did the hills bother me but the food that I was putting in my body was making it worse. So, I decided that I’ve got to lose weight. 

Before the classic I did a quick three day diet. That worked for me. But I gained the weight right back and for most of the year that’s what I’ve been doing. I have been working out, losing weight, eating healthy and then I gain the weight right back. So I’ve made a decision that from now on I’m going to lose the weight but i know that I’ve got to keep it off. 

I’ve gotten a little older and I realize that I can no longer treat my body the way I did when I was 20 years old. I’ve been treating my body like it’s a race car. I no longer have a race car body. The kind of body that you can just go and go and go and go like.... young folks have. I have more of a luxury car body. I’ve got to take it easier than I used to because I want my joints to work and I don’t want to have knee replacement or hip replacement or surgeries because I’m overweight. I know I have a problem and my problem is not unique. A lot of people have the same issue.  Living in the south and all this good food, sometimes you just can’t say no to it. 

I just wanted to encourage you. If you’re going through the same thing, you are not alone. Let’s join in together and help each other out, encourage each other and support each other in our quest to lose weight and to stay healthy. I got your back. So be sure to listen to A Little Something For The Ladies.... to help you live longer and stronger on WDIA. Listen every day at about 8:50 AM. I’m going to help you out and in the meantime you help me out too. Okay? Let’s do it together. 

Thank you for your support and for listening to me in the radio. Check out my photos as I get to moving for a better quality of life. 

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